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Orange Rocks - Uvongo

Fishing Spot Name: Uvongo – Orange Rocks

KZN Coast: South Coast

Closest Town:

Distance from Durban: ~130km’s

GPS Co-ordinates:

Type of Fishing spot: High Rock

Brief Description: A flat rock with deep water in front and scattered gullies.

Distance from Carpark: ~10m

Safety Rating (Cars): 8

N2 South,take the Shelly Beach exit, Left off the offramp. At the robots turn right onto the R102 (Old road), continue south past Shelly Centre on your left, go over the bridge past St Michaels Holiday Resort and turn left into Orange Rocks Drive. Continue with Orange Rocks Drive until you arrive at destination.

Special Notes:
i) Excellent spot during the sardine run
ii) Good family destination.
iii) Gets very crowded in season.




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Tuesday: 24°C
Sky: morning clouds
Rain: none
High: 24°C Low: 12°C
Sunrise: 06:10 AM
Sunset: 05:41 PM
ENE Wind: 15km/h ENE
Tuesday Surf Report
Sea Temp: 22°C
High: 07:48 AM / Low: 01:39 AM
High: 08:24 PM / Low: 02:00 PM
Wave Height: 1.75 M
Wave Period: 9.34 S
ENE Wind: 15km/h ENE
ENE Wave Direction: ENE

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